Our Shutters

In today’s shutter world there has been an explosion of best shutter construction methods, points of origin and materials that did not exist 10 years ago. The Shutter Source offers the following types of shutters:

Duracore Shutters™

Duracore Shutters™ are made of a high-quality polymer foam over a sturdy aluminum core. They were developed to provide maximum durability and easy of care. This means that you can expect their beauty to endure for years, with minimal care. They will never warp, bend, crack, or bow, and come with a lifetime warranty.

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Duracore shutters in dining room.


Basswood is the most common of wood shutters, while alder is the “Cadillac” of wood used in the best shutter manufacture. Advantages include lightness, stability (the resistance to warping) and flexibility of design. They can be painted or stained, smooth or sandblasted in almost any design required.

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Wood shutters in living room


Exterior shutters provide a distinctive look to the outside of a home, enhancing “curb appeal” with a timeless look of traditional European beauty that is both decorative and inexpensive. Exterior shutters come in many materials and designs.

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Exterior shutters